a huge scorpion with evil soul


i can’t believe quizilla is shutting down… now how am i supposed to find out what anime elemental girl i am or who my yu-gi-oh boyfriend is


I dedicate this one to charliedaymemes





remember that one period of the internet where everyone who signed up for a free website called themselves a ‘webmaster’ or ‘webmistress’


hey pull my finger

*finger detaches*

see you in court asshole




If you think your mom overreacts just remember once my mom cancelled our trip to New York because I refused to eat the meatloaf she made

my mom accused me of selling my birth certificate and social security to the black market when she couldn’t find them

you win

i thought it was wednesday and was all excited for hell’s kitchen but it’s fuckin tuesday


good thing harry potter didnt choose slytherin

As a society, we are fascinated by fictional psychopaths. Humankind has an ‘ongoing… fascination with tales of gruesome murders and evil villain. Popular culture abounds with depictions of the mad and the bad; and aberrant psychology has proved a fertile source of such material to the novelist and the reader alike. Perhaps no single disorder holds as much morbid cultural appeal as psychopathy.

There is no question… that readers feel empathy with and sympathy for fictional characters and other aspects of fictional worlds’, yet it is difficult to see how one can empathise and identify with a character who is himself incapable of empathy. If empathy and identification are both the goal and the reward of reading literature, then we are left with a striking ambivalence which needs to be explored.